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spiritual dreaming

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default spiritual dreaming

Post by samijo on Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:24 pm

OMG! Talk about a dream! wow so real. I could feel, see, hear, smell, touch.
I was in this house big like three stories. Not the first time that I have been in this old house. Huge house with huge rooms. It is all like wooden. No carpets, big beds in the bed rooms, all very old. Each bedroom ready to be slept in. Except for this one room in the house. You go up this spiral stair case. It is like an very old mansion what wasnt kept up. Just left to be. Like they moved out and that is the way it was left or 100 yrs. Anyways, I went up to the room that no one goes into. As I opened the door, I remember the room it is like a storage room. As soon as I walked into the room I get the chills come over my body. Like when you hear something that runs true within, or you hear a beautful song. Or when a spirit come close to me. I could feel the energy. My daughter was with me and I said Heather can you feel the spirit that is in here. She said yes. Then we walked in alittle more and from no where this vertex showed up the energy was very strong. We kept walking towards it and it was moving towards us, before we knew it we were standing "like inside the vertex" So electricifying. All of a sudden a man appears. He was a spirit. Very handsome. Nothing to be frightened of. he was like flirting with me. AT this point I was alone with this spirit. I was like what are you doing? The next thing I remember I was down stairs and I saw smoke comeing from the vent. I went closer to the vent and smelled the smoke and I went down to the stairs to the basement and there was a fire and there was two men with water hoses putting the fire out. That was it. And I was off to another dream just as wild. All night I was having vivid wild dreams. Ok someone take a stab at this one.

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default Re: spiritual dreaming

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:33 pm

I think this is just a validation about your and possible your daughter's enlightenment.
The house=you
upstairs=higher consciousness
"the room no one ever goes into"= the superconscious
the fact that your daughter acknowledged the "energy" being in the upstairs room that no one ever goes into is what is most significant.

the other part...I don't know if you want me to go into here on the forum Giggle but it has to do with the 'fire down below" and 2 men putting the fire out! but the most important is the fact that there IS fire!

Seriously, there is some connection why you went from the 'spiritual' (upper part of the house) to the basement. what's going on with your root chakra? though it is the sacral that has to do with our sexual balances i believe.
root chakra w/fire=threatening, maybe something is making is making you feel less secure?? hmm....

i still think it has to do with my first impression.

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