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Post by samijo on Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:47 am


It is one of those mornings that I can not get to sleep.
I am on the last lap of the flu. You all know the lap that you do nothing but cough.
I have been coughing every couple of seconds,
so I slipped out of the bed
so I would not wake my hubby up.
I felt so bad that I was coughing so much,
that I was sure he could not get any rest.
I quietly tip toed to my office,
getting on the computer,
I began to read the threads on sbns
I have neglected for sometime now.
I commented on a couple of them and thought.
I have been so busy I have not been on this site for some time now.
Since GSB went down and everyone was trying to gather up on Facebook,
and with Sylvia on Spirit Now, I just have not been on our little forum for sometime.

As I was reading,
I began to reflect back on my spiritual journey
I started a few years ago,
where it has taken me thus far?
I was so amazed of my spiritual growth.
I was also amazed,
the spiritual hunger had not slowed down at all for me.
I continue to travel on this path of seeking, as fast I can.
I feel like I am a triathlon runner on this path picking up all the experiencing that I possibably can.
“Everything happens for a reason.”
I know, this has been said to me all my life.
Now in this phase of my life
I find that is called, Charting.
Some times, I question that.
Thou it does make since sometimes,
other times it just sounds like, a thought
by someone,
to make things better for us to accept.
I will agree that all things happen for a reason.
Whether this reason
is something, that we can wrap our minds around or not.
(eventually we figure it out, if we do not we will the next time around).
I do believe,
that we reincarnate into this life or another one somewhere for along time.
Its as if we just cant get enough
we recycle here and there and everywhere, just finding our place in this universe.
We are like little molecules,
experiencing and riding the waves of life as we know it
from on life time to another.

As amazing as it is
each life time,
the most amazing thing is
we continue on.
Trying to reach to that Higher Spirituality.
Longing to be close to the God
as we know it to be.
All beautiful, all good, all loving.
Stop and think, of that for one second,
if you would.
We all DESIRE that state of being,
so much we strive for it,
We long for it.
It has driven all of us through life time, after life time.
To reach that Holy place beside God.
that moment for us,
to have that thought
places a feeling, of love that is so great within ourselves.
This is what gets us through all those tuff times
that we bump up against through life,
when we can not understand the reasoning
of what is happening to us,
or the people we love around us,
we accept that it was meant to be or we charted it.
It gives us a thought of calm or at least enough so that we can continue on with this journey of ours
to continue seeking the right road
that will lead us to God.
To that wonderful feeling
of never feeling any pain
sorrow , worry of
what the lack of money will bring
or anything negative energies
that we have or will experience.
For we know that it will, we just don’t know when.
Then we seek out those with insight to find out when those times will be,
that we will be prepared for it when it comes.
We want someone to tell us when that someone will come
that will soften the journey for us
so that we can find some kind of comfort,
for the rest of our journey here on earth.
I honestly believe,
this has opened some up to having insight.
so that answers can come
to those asking for guidance
for those that are disparately seeking
to gain a little bit of hope,
to show them they are on the right path.
That good is coming to them,
This will give them what they need to continue on.

I know that we all have the ability to have insight.
As I guess we all have the ability to learn how to play the piano as well.
Some of us love the music
but we do not desire to learn
how to play
thou we want to listen to the music.

For those that are seeking out to have insight,
it is very simple to do,
as you know the simplest thing in life is the hardest, for us to understand.
I mean,
we learn how to build skyscrapers,
do brain surgery,
fly to the moon
how to nurse others back to health
but to follow our own details of life
to pay attention
to what is going on within us
what is around us
we can not do …or we do not do it.
Then we say
“oh if only I could see a spirit” or ”if only I could have that ability to have insighted”.

I have learned this through my spiritual journey.
You just have to be aware of what you are feeling, thinking, hearing, the feeling around you and within you.
Is there something that is different.
Ask your self how is this different?
Then compare it to other times,
what makes it different this time
what is going on around me that made it different to the point,
that I noticed it was different.
The more you are aware
the more your senses become keen.
They sharpen
to the point
that you wonder no more.
you have become one within.
You know
I have read this as well
one time or several times actually,
it takes many times of me reading this
before it dawn on me OMG THAT IS WHAT IT MEANT!
When we become one within.
Within ourselves is God dwells .

In these times of hardships, my message is this!
Reach out your hand
whether you need help or just need someone’s hand to hold,
grab on to that hand and make that silver rope
that connects us together,
for you know
that it is connected to Our Heavenly Parents and Family.
Hold your hand out and make it become one with another.

This is a message that came to me this morning at 3am.
It was meant for me to share it with you.
God sends love to us all.

Leo Dragon
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Post by Love2Smile on Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:20 pm

Thanks Sami..I have alot going on right now now and this helped to read so much!! Thanks sweetie!!



Capricorn Cat
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Post by in2wish4everpeace on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:31 pm

Thanks for sharing that message with us Sami. Very Happy

Aquarius Goat
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Post by Guest on Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:49 pm

Thanks for sharing your "middle of the night thoughts" with us Very Happy

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