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Post by Admin on Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:28 am

Although we truly believe that Love, Friendship, Synergy, and Spirituality are great tools to help overcome the negativity that may be affecting you, we advise any and all members who are in need of medical treatment will seek out the assistance of a medical professional. SBNS promotes a safe, happy, healthy online environment in which all spiritual beliefs can and will be respected and discussed; however, SBNS is not affiliated with any medical physcian and/or hospital, and cannot at any time diagnosis or advise on medical conditions. Spiritual counseling can be found on this forum by trained, experienced members of Novus Spiritus; however, any and all medical counseling should be sought by private physicians, if you are experiencing medical, emotional, and/or mental disorders. Love and support will be offered to any and all members.

-Adam & Jen

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