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peace on earth

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default peace on earth

Post by samijo on Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:28 pm

Ok here goes!
I was in thought the other day and this is what happened.
As I was looking out the kitchen window ..I began thinking
what a beautful place we live. The wild life playing the in the yard.
The old dog laying there taking in the sun. The huge trees that are many
years old standing tall. I began to wonder...
Everyone that I talk to or listen to says we want peace and love in this world
we live in today.
I mean just as or listen to everyone, all we want is to get along and have peace.
They if there are so many people wanting this why dont we have it????

I am sure there are more people that want it that doesnt. Or are there people that say
that we want peace but are hipocrits? They say one thing and do another. this is
in large scale and small scale. There are people that say I want peace within my life. I want
to live in the light of God and in love with those around me and the world I live in. Then you have
to stop and think am I dont everything there is to make that possible?
I am at fault of this and I think that we all are. We dont make the best of what we have been give.
We dont see the beauty as we see the darkness. The dark is brighter than the light at times.

We bitch and moan and groan about things that are of no importance really. In stead of thinking of our
blessings and of our goals and what we are doing to get there.

It is easy to point fingers at those that are trying things that doesnt work rather than helping them to see
how to make it better to help them for success in their plans.

We have this air about ourselves of jealousy and greed. Self adorment I guess I could say. We want to be
all we can be. Some times we say well they have money and they got this or that and we dont. This is why
we can not be successful. This is just not so. It doesnt take money and who is judging the success? We are.
We can be really hard on ourselfs. which isnt fair. Success comes in many different forms. Maybe you dont write
a book about your accomplishments but you did something so important. if you have children that is you book.
If you do a good job at work that is your book. What i am trying to say we have to take pride in what we do.
Everything we do. If you are not proud of what you are doing well, pay attention to that and make that peace
and love surface within yourself that is where we measure our successs. God see's all our accompllishments
reguardless of the publistity it gets.
Well I will put my soap box up and just close by saying if we want peace on earth then I think we must do it
in our own lil circle and extend it. First place within ones self...then expand the and light to all.

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default Re: peace on earth

Post by d-knots on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:51 pm


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