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Animal Totems

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default Animal Totems

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:06 am

Animal Totems
by Sylvia Browne (from

Many people have asked me "What is a totem?" A totem is an animal spirit. We entrust our totems to stand by us throughout our lifetime.

Every member of the animal kingdom has attributes that our own spirits can emulate and connect with our own life theme. My son Chris' totem is the grizzly bear. This is a symbol of his life theme "warrior."

While some people may never actually see their totems, the energy of these animal spirits is always present with them. My own totem is the elephant, a symbol of strength and loyalty.

Your totem serves several purposes during your life. They serve as sentinels that stand guard on our behalf. This means if our totem senses a dark spirit or feels that we are somehow being threatened, they will instinctively try to scare off our enemies. They will do this as animals do: by growling, hissing or even acting aggressively.

Our totems also offer us positive energy just from their presence. Having this animal spirit in your life offers you many benefits.

Even the highest angels, the Principalities have totems. Their totem is the lion. Lions are known around the world as a symbol of both great strength and pride. This is the perfect totem for Father God's army of angels. All angels have totem spirits and they can call upon animals to intercede on your behalf when you need help or protection.

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default Re: Animal Totems

Post by CathyO on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:29 am

I have two animal totems. The wolf and the newfoundland dog.
I did a meditation earlier this year to find out what they were. It was funny they both appeared to me seeing as they are my two favourite animals in this world and started collecting things to do with them for years and never really understood why. Now I do.

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