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Negative energies

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default Negative energies

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:28 am

Group Discussion
I was having a discussion with my friend yesterday about investigations and negative energies.
Let me preface this by saying i have never been on an investigation...YET! bounce
but I do not believe that earthbounds are Dark Entities to begin with and this is why.
When Dark Entities die, the go directly to the Left door and straight back into utero. no passing go, no collecting $200! and if for some reason they linger that is what the Carrion angels are for. to MAKE SURE they get where they are supposed to be going. Now, these are ANGELS we are talking about. Messengers of God. they are NOT fallible. so they won't be slacking on the rounding up of the D.E.

now of course there are grumpy and mean White and Grey entities. hell i am a grumpy and mean White Entity from time to time LOL.
so i am sure earthbounds can be as well. but I still don't think they can actually HARM us.
First will have used protection (white lighting) before the investigation. again humans=fallible God=NOT!
I DO believe that all entities including ourselves can do alot with energy. and frankly i think we are at more risk of harming ourselves by freaking out, or buying into the FALSEHOODS that these shows like A HAUNTING promote Clubbin
just as our children who are precious and full of LIGHT sometimes they act out to get our attention.
I think an earthbound CAN and will do this either to say "hey get out of my stuff!" or truly to try and communicate in some way.

As for the issue of negative energies attaching themselves to us and us taking them home.
well, i just don't think that is very logical. first off...they have been 'stuck' somewhere for how long?? now that we show up, they are just all of a sudden be "unstuck" ?? nah I don't think so. of course someone can help them cross over. but i think they are wherever they are for some REASON. and even if there was a rouge D.E....they don't want to be around white they would stay away!

so there is my Two Cents on the whole thing.
now that i said that me bring home a confederate soldier when i go to Gettysburg next month LROF

hey remember that movie "The Entity" Kinky Angel 3 Shocked Embarassed ok i will behave!

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default Re: Negative energies

Post by CelticLass on Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:33 am

I was just remembering when Sylvia told a young man in Montel's audience that he had brought home an earthbound from wherever he had visited. I also had a cousin (who was a psychic) that used to say she "collected" earthbounds...don't know if you can collect them...?

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default Re: Negative energies

Post by samijo on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:25 pm

I have not been on investigations! but I have been to smudging of negs. in houses. I have felt some pretty thick atmospheres in homes, which I know was dark. But, amazingly enough it did not stick around like Jen said. I fought to say but the light was too much for it, because the air got light and the feeling of that heaviness was lifted. The smell was fresh and clean.

I never believed that there was dark ones that could latch on to aperson. But I thought if the good one could come in when i channel that the dark ones might come in as well. I have been blessed so far that has not happened.
Then I watch these dang shows of hauntings that tell me that it can come and latch on to people and slam them up against the wall and throw things that them and scratch and hit them...I mean I would like to investigate but this makes me not seek...after seeing those things. If any one has experienced something I would really like to read about it. thanks.

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default Re: Negative energies

Post by CathyO on Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:10 am

I go ghost hunting all the time with my friends and have only ever experienced feelings never had anything actually happen to us and we have been going out for months. We have never had anything come home as usually before hand we ask that the light protect us before we begin but sometimes the negative feelings in the air are quite scary.
I got a slight push once but I always felt it was my guide pushing me away from what was there.

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default Re: Negative energies

Post by Love2Smile on Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:55 pm

I sooo want to go on a ghost hunt one day...I don't believe that ghosts can harm us, but like Jen said..I don't think the angels will be slacking on DE..I think that sometimes those that are "stuck" are maybe there because they in their own mind weren't ready to go due to maybe family or something...I love the show Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewit..That is the kind of stuff I am talking about...they get things done and then they go to the light...Love it!!!



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default Re: Negative energies

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