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The Butterfly Experience

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default The Butterfly Experience

Post by samijo on Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:58 am


Your Daily Manifesting Routine:

1. Meditation - 5-15 minutes.
If would like a guide, here is a powerful 5 minute meditation,
2. 17 Seconds of Visualization
Can you visualize butterflies for 17 seconds - what they look like, feel like, the sensations they bring to your experience? Can you see the flowers they come to, the unique colors of their wings...can you step into their beauty? Can you see them flitting by, dancing all around and with each other? Use all of your senses, using pure positive thought.

See what Abraham has to say about 17 seconds of visualization...and 34, and 51, and 68 seconds.

3. Now - practice the Law of Detachment.
"Let go" - but don't let go of your focus. Visualize, imagine, create, intend from a space of love and positive expectation and belief - the law of attraction won't let you down, you can count on it like you can count on gravity.

Manifesting Extras - Gratitude Journal

sami....It's Gratitude Day. That means it's time to get excited about your life, and all that you have been blessed with.

Alignment is about raising your resonance, and your vibration - and you do this by stepping into feelings of joy, peace, love, and gratitude. When your feelings are pure and positive, your are closely aligned with "your good" and the flow of abundance.

So, how about consciously stepping into that?

Get out that journal, and go to town being grateful for everything that you have in your life...and don't forget to be grateful for butterflies, and all that they bring to you and those you love.

Start journaling with....I am so grateful that....and ....and .....and .....! If you can't quite get to gratitude about a certain something, you can soften your resistance and raise your resonance by saying, I am grateful for the opportunity for...I am grateful for the courage to...I am grateful for the new insights of....

( Lori Hamann, MSE
Evolve Life Coaching)

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