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Stress Relief Meditation

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default Stress Relief Meditation

Post by samijo on Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:41 pm

Stress Release Meditation:
I would like to guide you throught a meditation, it is going to be hard reading and trying to do it so do it after reading.
I would like for you to lay down somewhere comfotable with some relaxing music or not.
I find with soothing music helps the mind to still itself.
Start with your toes and relax,
feel the your toes and feet relaxing,
moving up to your ankles and things
all the muscles soften,
relaxing letting go of all the tension,
this relaxing energy flowing up to your up your legs
into your stomach and buttocks softening and relaxing,
moving up to your chest and back area,
again softening relaxing and letting them go.
Alot of tension usually hangs up in the neck area so
we are going to let all that tension in the neck go..
you will feel it relax, loosen and let it go.
thats right let it go..
then moving this relaxtion up to the back of your head letting all that tightness relax and let it go,
relaxing the forhead and the muscles around the eyes soften and let it go..
just lay there for a few seconds..
feeling more relaxed than you have for along time.
All the muscles, tendons, are soften and relaxed.

Imagine a BIG FLUFFY WHITE CLOUD in front of you.
You have a desire to lay down on it.
As you walk over to it you are relaxed and nothing on your mind except the desire to lay on this big fluffy white cloud.
As you lay down on this big fluffy white cloud you are so content with in your self so relaxed.
You began to think I want the cloud to rise.
But you have too many worrys and problems within ...
you have too much baggage...
you think I must throw something off...
you take the worries of bills and you throw them off...
the cloud begans to rise,
you think this is wonderful, I want to go higher..
you can feel a warm breeze, began to blow across you
the sun is warm,
you think I will throw all the useless worries off so that I can go higher..
(you can chose any worries or fears you many have to throw off)
as you throw them off
the big white fluffy cloud keeps rising
you can feel the sunlight getting so warm on you like someone has covered you with a soft warm blanket of love.
As the big white fluffy cloud is high in the sky you notice you are not alone,
as your vision clears,
you see our heaven parents
with their arms extended, welcoming you in for a hug.
They scoop you up in their arms, and hug you so tight, kissing your forhead , telling you all will be alright.
They lay you back down on the cloud.
At this point your are so happy,
you know that everything will be alright.
Feeling more relaxed than you have ever felt in a long time
you are going to desend on the count of 3
you will float back to the ground waking up like you have had 8 hours of wonderful sleep 2 ..
you remember the beautiful feeling of the hugs
your mother and father god gave you knowing, all will be alright 1
you will open your eyes
and be greatful for all that you have
not worring about the things you can do nothing about,
just taking one problems at a time and dealing with it.
For God has told you everything will be alright.

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