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dream of disaster

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default dream of disaster

Post by samijo on Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:44 pm

I have been haveing the same dream for several months now.
usually when I dream like this is something that is coming.

The more closely the dream comes to me the closer it is.

This dream is that of disaster. Yes. totally. the emergancy people can not handle it.
Everyone is running around screaming and yelling. There are some that are robbing or luting
whatever you want to call it. Some are trying to get help and there is not help to be found.

I see buildings that are distroyed. Lots of concrete. lots of people covered in ash. As if it was
raining down on them.

It is a fear in the air that is of dume. It is just occuring as I dream, there has not been
anything but the moment of this fear going on during the dream. I am the observer looking out
over, the land. It is where there are many houses and buildings. I see many many people not knowing
what to do.

I have had this dream 3 times now. months apart so the detail have not come to me as of yet.
I will have more I am sure. I keep seeing devestation.
I really am playing attention to the people screaming and looking for there loved ones not knowing where to go.
Them my attention turns to the ones that is lutting, stealing from stores and homes. Then my dream ends.

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default Re: dream of disaster

Post by d-knots on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:47 pm

maybe you are awaiting and answer
to either that which is or whom is taken from you
without asking your permission....

you might need to find peace
with the "theft" or to do
something about it.....
so you can be at peace.....

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