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Why is it that we lie?

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default Why is it that we lie?

Post by samijo on Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:31 am

I was just thinking this morning of something that we all do from time to time.
This is not telling the truth.
There is many degrees (one might say) to lying.
There is a lie that you just dont say anything- is that a lie? Of course it is.
There is a little white lie (some call it) where they think it doesnt matter anyways.
Then there is a lie that you tell to keep you out of trouble, or conflict.
There is a lie that you tell to cover something up.
OMG! There are lies on top of lies.

Do you ever think of why it is that we feel that we have to lie?
I would guess that it is like telling a story that isnt true to make you
sound important or adventurous. Does this fall into the little white lie area?
Are you so boring in your own eyes that you have to lie to make you interesting?

I am not going to "lie" and say I have never lied. I have. Why did I do that? Well,
I can answer this question for myself, I lied to be more interesting/adventurous/liked.
I didn't see where it could hurt anyone. It is like telling a story about the huge fish that
got away.

I can say that I have never lied about anything that is important.
Or maybe that isnt so, maybe, I have lied to myself about stuff.
Maybe, when I have self doubt, could that being lying?
Maybe, when I feel that I am loved by God, is that lying?

Like I said there many degrees of lies. I guess the question is to ask is why do we do this?
What makes us lie. Our EGOS wanting to be fed?
Lying is something that there is a cure for. Yes! it can be a really big problem. Even habit forming.
Addictive even. This is something that we can control and stamp out! We are in control of it.
Now, what good would it do us? I think that our actions describe our souls. There are people that
proclaim to be self rightous, but do they lie about things. Even if they dont speak it out loud.
Are they right within themselves if they lie. This is just food for thought today. Something that
came to me in my time of silence. Have you taken time to think about it? Maybe, the time is now.
Can we make it a pure thought to stop all lies? Can we vanish telling lies, even to ourselves.
blessing to all...sami

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default Re: Why is it that we lie?

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:50 pm

Well girl, when you figure this one out just let me know ok!?!?

For one, I think some people lie because they think it will actually be better than telling you the truth.
Like they don't have the guts to speak their true feelings. maybe they think they will save you pain, but usually it ends up hurting worse than hearing the truth.
oh say someone tells you that you are important to them, but their actions always tell you something different.
Or maybe they just weren't being specific about the way in which you are important to them.
And they allow you to think they meant it one way when actually they only think you are important when they need you for something.

Wouldn't it just be better in the long run NOT to lie!? NOT to tell someone how important they are, when in actuality, they couldn't care less??
I think so
I think it would actually save people a lot of grief and heartache. well let me speak for myself, YES it would.

I guess some of it comes down to "intention"
if someone "intends" to mislead or lie, then ...YES that is wrong.

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default Re: Why is it that we lie?

Post by spirit-being on Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:20 pm

Yes i have lied many times in my life, i still do it sometimes when i am telling someone about something i read, i usually don't remember what i read word for word and sometimes i try to quote it exactly but it just does not come out the way it was written in the first place. I have lied to get out of trouble when i was younger but that never happened just got into worse trouble. Yes i have lied to fit in or to be someone i was not, making myself look better i thought pft well that wasn't the case. Personally what i see is that we have broken lies up into groups making some seem less than others, but really lies are just lies.

I look at the word Love people break Love up into seperate categories (True Love, Mothers Love, Love for a spouse, Love for our creator(s)..) to me Love cannot be broken down into categories
Love = God = Love -or- God = Love = God either way how can one word be put into categories, going back to Lies a white lie is a Lie, what makes it white? to me it is Dark in the darkness it hides, telling a lie is basically hiding something that you may not want someone to know even making yourself look better than you are. Maybe a white lie should be change to a Black lie. Great Topic and it really makes you think.

Many Blessings

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default Re: Why is it that we lie?

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