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Predictions from Prophecy

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default Predictions from Prophecy

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:57 pm

I don't know if ya'all remember reading about this or even know what I'm talking about, but in Sylvia's book, PROPHECY, she predicted that we would have an electronic "device" that people can read books, magazines, and newspapers on in the "near future." Now, I'm not sure when she wrote the book, but I just saw on Amazon last night that they were promoting the Amazon Kindle which according to them is: "An amazing new electronic device which you can download books, magazines, newspapers, and various types of media for your entertainment!"

All I can say is...WAY TO GO, SYLVIA!!! Running for Joy

Wonder how Randi and the others are going to explain that?

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default Re: Predictions from Prophecy

Post by Love2Smile on Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:58 pm

LOL OH yeah!!!! I have heard of that before but it was called something else. Off the top of my head, can't think of what the other name for it is...Grrrr

But anyways!! Way to go Sylvia!!!

Thanks Adam!!!



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default Re: Predictions from Prophecy

Post by Eveningblossom on Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:14 pm

I was watching this show last weekend about some of the new electronics that are being worked on .

There is this TV that is just like what Sylvia said in her " Prophecy " book that she wrote and had copyrighted around 2004/2005 .

She said that there would be this small thin Wireless TV.

Lo and behold on this show the tv was as thin as a credit card.

I couldn't believe the 5 different layers to make the components for a device was rolled out so thin that all of them together was as thin as the human hair.

Looking at the book, I did not see anything about the media reader that allows you to download books and magazines on it.

Sylvia did mention something about a wrist watch that could be like a cell phone and show people from all over in a confrence call.

Is anything like that out yet or in the works yet?

On the show they are talking about replacing chargers on all our battery operated devices with some type of air can not remember what it was.

I want say carbon dioxide, but you get the general idea.

Love and light, always, Eveningblossom


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default Re: Predictions from Prophecy

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:12 pm

Maybe the people who made the Kindle read Prophecy and thought that it sounded like a good idea Laughing

The kindle has been out for a little while now.

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default Re: Predictions from Prophecy

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