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Types of dreams

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default Types of dreams

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:18 pm

The five categories of dreams, according to Sylvia:

  • Release dreams:
    Dreams in which you subconscious mind take the opportunity to let of emotional steam that your conscious mind hasn't dealt with yet. They are also helpful guides to unfinished business that needs your attention. (pg 104 Phenomenon)

  • Wish Dreams:
    Are just what they sound like. "If we don't make the mistake of taking wish dreams to literally, they can throw a valuable spotlight on wishes you may not have even put into words yet."(pg 105 Phenomenon)
    Sexual dreams usually don't mean sexual desire, rather a need for intimacy. A dream about a house usually means something about yourself .(You are the house Wink) and pregnancy can mean giving birth to new ideas or developing spiritually.
    Pay attention to the overview rather than "specifics" of the wish dreams.

  • Prophetic Dreams:

    Are simply dreams that predict some future event or conversation.
    Keeping a dream journal can help determine if the dreams you are having truly are prophetic
    {jen talking- my experience these dreams are very detailed and follow a story time line. not a jumble of images or things that don't make sense}

  • Information or problem solving dreams:
    "which can explain why and how you can go to sleep completely perplexed about a situation or an unresolved issue and wake up knowing exactly what to do. The dream themselves may not even appear to bear and resemblance to what's troubling you, but with the spirit mind being so adept at symbolism, it will get the point and pass along the translation to the conscious mind"(pg106)

  • Astral Visits:
    "Which technically aren't dreams. Have you ever had a dream about a visit to a departed loved one, or to someone or someplace on earth, at Home or anywhere in the universe, that seemed to be very real and, unlike most dreams, proceeded in a logical order from beginning to end? There's a strong probability that if you have, it was your spirit making an actual visit to that loved one, thanks to the magic of astral travel. Remember, just because it happened while you were sleeping doesn't mean it was a dream. If it seemed exceptionally real and proceeded in a logical order from beginning to end, you can rest assured it was an astral visit" Phenomenon pg106

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default Re: Types of dreams

Post by LargeWingSpan on Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:33 pm

AWESOME!! Thank You!

pssssttt, wish we had this yesterday? Giggle


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default Re: Types of dreams

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:55 pm

Well i just "happened" to remember I had Phenomenon and that book has a small part on the dreams.
I'll still check out the Dreams book and add anything significant.
And by all means if someone else *ahem* has it...they can add to the thread as well.

pss...well sure, but i still think it was a dream Giggle significant, but a dream!

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default Re: Types of dreams

Post by d-knots on Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:43 pm

I was just talking to my daughter about this stuff
since she was relaying a dream she had.
I'll be sharing it with her.
Once she gets her internet hookup maybe she'll read for herself;
Or if she gets to the library...LOL


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default Re: Types of dreams

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