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Ripping off Sylvia

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default Ripping off Sylvia

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:39 pm

Clubbin Clubbin Clubbin
Do I think Sylvia is the ONLY one who can communicate with Azna?!
but this is blatent--ripping off Sylvia and her books. oh yeah she gives a small plug for the book Mother Azna by Sylvia
(btw it's Azna with a short a like apple sheesh)
but rebeccawhat'sherface is passing this off like it is her idea.

Beating A Dead Horse NOW i know why my petition wasn't answered!?
I didn't sing her silly little song

I suppose I should just be happy that the name of Azna is being put out there. bringing people to the consciousness of Mother God. queen
(but remember to plug your website for whatever you are peddling too) Clubbin