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The Temple of Retreat (the towers)

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default The Temple of Retreat (the towers)

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:39 am

Visiting The Temple Of Retreat
by Sylvia Browne (from SpiritNow blog)

While the Towers are not temples as such, their function is very important. Let us tour the Temple of Retreat (also called the Towers) in this tour together.

What those on the Other Side simply refer to as "the Retreat" are two large twin buildings that are primarily constructed of dark blue glass. The Towers are set a little bit behind the other halls, and each of them is about 60 stories high and has many rooms. The rooms themselves are comfortable but fairly sparse, containing a downy-soft recliner, lots of books, and a chair that's next to a table laden with paper and writing implements. The only adornments are vases filled with fresh, lush flowers, which give off a wonderful potpourri of scent that seems to fill each room.

There aren't any beds or restrooms because, although we have internal organs on the Other Side, we don't need to sleep or go to the bathroom. Sometimes when we first come over we bring with us leftovers or cravings from life on Earth, so we want a drink or a smoke or something to eat. This soon diminishes, though, and we no longer desire those things. Similarly, there is no need for electricity (which is only used in experimental and creative temples and centers) because it's like dawn or twilight all the time...a lovely and soft pinkish or rose-tinged light is continually diffused throughout the Other Side, so there is no distinction between day and night.

Almost all incoming souls are either sent to the Towers or go there of their own accord. This is not a place for those who need counseling over traumas experienced on Earth, but is rather a private area for reflection or prayer. Those who come here enjoy great serenity, as they look out over meadows, lakes, streams, and mountains; see wildlife in great abundance; and listen to beautiful, heavenly music. They may choose to go out and walk the paths that are prevalent throughout the grounds; or they might prefer to write, relax with a good book, meditate, pray, or just sit and contemplate. And Francine ways that two people rarely share the same group, not even members of the same family, as this is a place to regroup. The Towers do have attendants (facilitators) on call for any need such as aromatherapy or to conduct yoga or tai chi sessions.

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default Re: The Temple of Retreat (the towers)

Post by on Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:27 am

I'm ready for that about now.... LROF

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