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Prayers for my family

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default Prayers for my family

Post by Sunshine on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:11 pm

Seems that the desert period is still here.
We REALLY need some prayers as my husband was laid off work today.. Really Confused Sad
I am trying my best to not be stressed out
With me not working and bills like rent and car payment and food that we have to pay for I just don't know what to do.

Thank you all ahead of time Group Hug

Cancer Cat
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default Re: Prayers for my family

Post by d-knots on Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:26 am

Sorry about the lay-off
but he still gets compensated because it's not a total loss
just a suspension-like...right?
Also, can he or you just grab whatever in the mean time even if
temporary-seasonal? I realize you said the job pool isn't easy.....
Also, -this is probably vain of me - my daughter didn't understand
until later...there were some if not many lean years for me and
I remember the Thanksgiving (do you have that in silly me...something near that, no?) that my dinner that day was a box of spaghetti and a small can of tomato sauce enough for two.... and I
told my young daughter, 9-ish years old at the time, that this is all we could afford
that Thanksgiving isn't always elaborate every year for everyone and it
was the sincere truth. I was very gratefull to have what I could instead of
having nothing. My girl didn't understand then she thought I was rude to her but later when she was eighteen and was exercising her wing span...(lol, Patrick) and later when she was a couple - he not working and she pregnant and unable to work - she told me she understood to be grateful for what you have. My job, as loving mother, was to give her the tool of rational thought so that see could see the spectrum between extravagant living at one end and how commercialism has gone overboard in attracting societies dollar to themselves and gratitude on the other end (I was brought up Catholic and Jesus was a big part of understanding gratitude). I hope I did better than worse 'cause in the long run, really, nobody really remembers who ate what on which day and lots of things eventually fall apart.

What would really be nice is to have a cushion of profit in the bank for emergencies and, yes, a home not to worry about as well as reliable transportation also not to worry about.

I can't say living it isn't rough....

This is the first year in my life that I bought two presents for my parents - an electric heating pad ( mom and dad the old one everyone used eventully broke after 30 years) and a pedi-paw nail filer (dad-cat and for all of us who hug her the claws can be razor sharp) that I actually had no nervous feelings about buying. I am very old, ha-ha, and it took me this long to at least have one stress free purchase...

So, did I chart such a difficult life.....?.....LOL who knows maybe
in comparison to other lives I did have it difficult but I may also have it easier depending on who's perspective ....

I travel, for work, through some hard neighborhoods that I do not even
want to have car trouble there and you can see how tough it is financially
and I used to be like that, especially, when i was younger with no allowence (parents didn't give us kids any), no job, and no support for anything financially viable for the future (female must be subservient to the male). What I have today I earned with the grace of patience and perseverence and guess what .....? It's not much by it's mine and it can be taken away from me at any moment - not that I need to fall back into financial poverty (and this helps to remember where you don't want to be) - but that is the truth and that is why when you do have what you need it is precious and worthy, seriously, that you'll do whatever it takes to keep from losing it even with grace....

Sending Spiritual LOVE to you
and your hubby, and yougin'
and surely DASH.....LotsOfLove
My prayer for you is to be
surrounded with the Swirls of
very Sparkled (Angels) water-colors in
Greens from Emeralds - to Grasses - to Limes,
Blues from Electric - to Sky - to Baby,
Pinks from Rose - to Hot - to Pastel,
Golden from Burning Yellow - to Bright - to Sun-Paled Light ,
Silver from Mirror-like - to the Mist of Aparition - to the White Light of the Holy Spirit ..... all in the name of Goodness, to Heal your woes, and make Useful and Refreshed any Existing Tools that will assist your Road of Life to Calm, continue Peace and Fullfill Spiritually, Financially, and Lovingly your needs to help yourselves and others while here on Earth, Amen.

You Can Do It! these are powerful words if you just repeat them over and over, any affirmations are (Louise Hay), so make your thoughts proactive for constructive-good success. Heart 2

Sometimes I kick myself in the butt
But I have to remember when it hurts
I need to retreat and assert what I
kicked myself for and stop belittling myself
so that my true purpose - do good on Earth - for
myself and others is the reason I pay bills, eat, work,
and all the exhausting stuff as well as the relax just to do it
over again the next day for as long as possible...
It looks like we are hard workers, Sunny...
may the Luck and Know-how be
with you

can Dove

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default Re: Prayers for my family

Post by in2wish4everpeace on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:48 pm

Sending you zillions of angels! Hope you get out of the desert period soon!

Aquarius Goat
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default Re: Prayers for my family

Post by Sponsored content

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