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9/8/08 - Weekly Discussion: Life Charts

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default 9/8/08 - Weekly Discussion: Life Charts

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:09 pm

To get this online study group going, I thought that we should start by discussing one of the most (depending on what we've written for ourselves) fascinating, painful, wonderful, scary, and educational topics: LIFE CHARTS.

A Brief Description of LIFE CHARTS: (For those who aren't familiar with the concept)

Life Charts are the "blueprints" we write for ourselves to learn from, on The Other Side. Specific, detailed, and incredibly intricate, these "scripts" that we write, are the foundation of our learning experience when we incarnate for another lifetime on Earth. Every event, situation, person, and aspect of our lives are mapped out in our charts, so that we can truly learn the most from each element. Whether it's learning about rejection from a significant other, loneliness from being abandoned as a child, love from our parents, or pain from loosing a loved one, we chart every obstacle to overcome, so that we can learn for the benefit of our souls' perfection.

Life Charts are extremely detailed, since they are what we use to decide which parents we will be born to, who are siblings will be--if we have any. What body type we'll have. Gender, race, financial status, sexuality, hair color, eye color, height, weight, disabilities, talents, careers, hobbies, education, marriages, children, etc. In other words, Life Charts are like the ciriculum we have when we enter into college. We choose which classes we'll take (our themes, option lines), the advisors we want to seek help from (our guides), our classmates (each other), and our graduation time-frame (our Exit Points).

When it comes to Life Charts, I tend to forget just how intricate, detailed, and specific they are. Like everyone else, when something bad happens, I still find myself asking, "Why is this happening to me?" Which is followed by a quick metaphorical kick in the butt, since the resounding answer to that question is always, "Because you wrote it into your chart, dummie!" But, still, even knowing that, doesn't always make it easier to deal with the situation at hand. I often think that Sylvia says it right, when she says, "I think I wrote down a list of everything I didn't want to do, and a list of everything I wanted to do, and somehow got them confused when I wrote this damn chart."

What really has me confused with Life Charts, is our ability to be so precise when we write them. I mean, I know that it's our contract with God, and that we would definitely want to make it valid and as perfect as we can to please Him/Her, but it just boggles my human mind to think that I've written every little thing that happens to me, into existence. Like writing this entry, right now, for example. To me, it seems that we would have a better understanding of our charts while incarnate, since we've been so accurate and precise about it, when we wrote it.


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default Re: 9/8/08 - Weekly Discussion: Life Charts

Post by in2wish4everpeace on Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:52 pm

Ya, charts are like blueprints for our lives.

I think that on the otherside, we may organize our charts, we probably organize our charts, around each phase of our lives, and the learning experiences we have on this planet..

Its my belief that we never go through any hardship in life, without learning something from it spiritually, it can be a big or small learning experience, and it may have an effect on us, dependant on many factors, such as lifethemes, upbringing, social background, etc.

There may be certain folks learn from, that other folks may just shrugg their shoulders, certain things could effect people deeper spiritually than others, it all depends. And i really think that after each of us have experienced his/her own desert type period in life, we always always come out wiser and spiritually blessed, and more aware of hardships in life.

So charts through our lifetimes, are kind of like levels of stairs, i like that anology of it..We are with each passing year ascending to our truly aware spiritual-loving self. And our past experiences can easily help us in future situations, but since we have experienced hardship from before, we are less discombobulated and disoriented when something may come up, good or bad, we can always go with the flow more easily. To me, i dont think we should ever be worried that we are not growing spiritually (and that goes hand and hand with being on track), we have all learned many hard life lessons, but we have probably forgotten about them, because ironically they are not such a big deal to us now, which also means we are growing spiritually.

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default Re: 9/8/08 - Weekly Discussion: Life Charts

Post by Love2Smile on Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:07 pm

I believe this to also be true...

I believe thateons ago when creation first started, our charts were written..Then as we go through our lives, we modify our charts before each incarnation. When we return to TOS we look over out charts and see what we did and didn' do and then modify it for the next life..

I believe it takes so long to reincarnate not because we have to write our charts but because it gives our guides time to learn and master them..

This is my opinion....I just love how when you see someone on the street that never even looks at you, you charted it..It's amazing!! I love it!!!



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default Re: 9/8/08 - Weekly Discussion: Life Charts

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