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Making fun of Azna

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default Making fun of Azna

Post by Devon on Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:44 pm

I was looking at some videos on youtube and came across this video of some people mocking the mother god. There saying its devil worship. Shocked


This is so wrong, I dont know whos idea this was.
Crying or Very sad

However they do have a point, they are trying to say that differnt religions say "god loves me best"

But why did Azna end up with the pagan/wicca? I have no idea.

(Oh and I dont have anything against wicca, I studyed it a few years back)

Why do people think the mother god is satan worship!!??

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default Re: Making fun of Azna

Post by on Fri May 02, 2008 4:26 am

fear.... and being ingrained to fear that which is different

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default Re: Making fun of Azna

Post by mamabird37721 on Tue May 06, 2008 6:58 pm

Fear and Stupidity lol

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default Re: Making fun of Azna

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:58 pm

Because, when you look at the Jewish culture/society of that time (nothing against the Jewish religion/culture, just stating facts) they viewed women as being subservant, a possession to a man. In fact, when you look at the Jewish religion, they only really mention the "Virgin" Mary at the birth, briefly throughout Jesus's life, and then at the crucifixion. And let's not even get into the fact that they were about to stone the "prostitute" Mary (NOT Mary Magdalene) but they weren't about the stone the MEN that she had slept with. But when you look at Catholicism, they brought the "Virgin" Mary into the limelight, as the "mother of all children." If you research the sightings, accounts, and facts regarding all the apparitions/visits from the "Virgin" Mary, those facts show that She is being called the "Virgin" Mother, but really, from what we do know about Mother Azna, they are the one and the same. In fact, the best account of a visitation from Azna was to "Saint" Catherine Laboure, which is very interesting, when you take what the "Virgin" Mother said to Catherine:

"I am the Mother of all children." This translation from French has been the same regardless of who has translated it, from all the information I can find regarding this account. Notice that Mary said, "I am the mother of all children." Not the "Mother of God or Jesus." Actually, there is a really fascinating article about if you go to this website:

I also firmly believe that most of Christianity (and videos like the one that started this discussion) view the belief in a feminine side of God as sacreligious, seeing as how since:
-The Bible refers to God as "Him, He, Father, etc." with Jesus even saying, "Father, Him, He, etc."
-Other religions that honor and believe in a Mother God are already viewed as blasphemous and "wrong," since they don't follow the dogma that the only ones who are right, are the ones who accept Christ as their savior.
-Also, these other religions that believe in Azna are considered pagan, since Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are monothelistic (believing in only One God).
-Christianity doesn't even consider the idea that during the crucifixion, when Jesus said, "Mother, behold Your son." that He was talking to Azna, not to Mary. And most Christians would argue that He was telling Mary to see John as her son, but when you have four books of the Bible talking about the same exact event, and not one of them can agree on the major details, can we really have faith that they would agree on something as precise as this?

What so many people don't realize, is that Genesis states, "Let US make man in OUR image." Catholicism is the only branch of Christianity that regards any feminine person in any high regard. But you also have to look at the fact that during the time period in question, they also believed that demons roamed the earth.

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default Re: Making fun of Azna

Post by d-knots on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:56 pm

I come from the Catholics and I always thought and believed in the
Holy Family - the father, the mother, and the son - as a symbol of how to live life. That makes Jesus a big brother.

But fearing God was not so easy to accept and those are the days of my mother's childhood in the early 1900's and a european country not todays United States of America and religious diversity.

All I have to say is by SB writing her books she did save alot of lives as mentioned by Adam and his encounter with and SB reader in the video store (other theme other post). By reaching alot of folks through Montel they read her thoughts on God ( and probably felt a lot better connecting with the divine esspecially women as producers and leaders. No one really does well when there isn't any support or they consistantly tell you - you can't.

I am rather ol' and my dad - bless him - tried to tell me point blank to my face " you can't " .....'oops dad you did it again' that's just not encouraging esspecially coming from your own dad. Needless to say dad went away in a huff when I defended myself and I'd rather defend me than to allow anyone to say I can't anything unless i know that I can't already.

My dad has his own agenda that is not necessarily mine as well. Foghorn Leghorn

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default Re: Making fun of Azna

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