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Charting & Getting into the Now

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default Charting & Getting into the Now

Post by samijo on Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:00 pm

Good morning!
Thank you for joining me!
My name is Sami

How is our charts so precisely interwoven together?
How do we deal with petty problems and still remember that there is always two sides to a coin?
Is the topics for today’s sermon.

Opening prayer:

The Lords Prayer revised:

Our Mother & Father
Who are in heaven
Hallowed be thy names
The kingdom come thy will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven
Give us our daily lessons so that we can perfect through this journey
Forgive us for our trespass and forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the darkness.

How our charts are so precisely interwoven together.
Wow, did I have to think about this one! I thought and thought.
In the bible I found nothing about our charts.
I did find where it said that we were thought of by God and it became so.
The I found that there are parts of the bible about reincarnations, and that there is a heaven on the other side.
Now in the JOS books Francine, Sylvia’s guide told her that we were all thoughts of in the Gods’ head. We became spirits all at one time. We were created equal in Gods thoughts.
So, this is how I have it imagined in my thoughts if you would join in with my ideas for one moment.
Imagine, that we are in one huge class room in the universe or Heavens. In this class room there are desks as far as the eyes can see, like an ocean of desks with spirits sitting at them. In front of each spirit/soul there is a form on the desk. It reads as follows:
All the spirits/souls that you would like to perfect with:
How many lives you would like to have:
Spirit Guide:
Color of hair:
Color of eyes:
Level of spirituality wished to accomplish:
And so on.
We fill these out and turn them into the hall of records..
then when it is our time to incarnate or reincarnate we go down to earth in our body’s that we have chosen for ourselves.
After we live that life and we come back to the other side,
then we go back to that hall of records
and get our form “chart” we look at it and as we watch the scan of our lives on earth and what we did and didn’t do
then we compare with our forms we filled out
and at that point we decide if we want to go on with our perfection scheme
or do we want to just stay at home on the other side.
The way we are so precisely interwoven I believe is because God made us all at one time and equal. That we all are apart of God. That spark of the divine is what makes us precisely interwoven, that perfection that is with in us all.
This is the only thing that I could come up with on that.
I never much really ever cared or wander where or when we were all created.
So, until I started reading all these books this thought was not in my head.

Now on the other topic of how to deal with the pettiness of things and how to remember that there is always another side of the coin.
You know I have been reading and studying a lot in these past 6 yrs. I have been learning at warp speed!
One thing that came clear to me just last night is that someone told me that what ever is happening to us we are creating it.
Such as depression.
I will tell you about myself as an example.
For the past 6 yrs.
I have been taking care of either my father in law or my mother in law.
My father in law died of cancer 5 yrs. Ago.
I made him a promise that I would take care of his wife, “ my mother in law”
so that she would not have to go to a nursing home.
That I would keep her right here in her home surrounded by her family.
With me promising him this
he could let go and pass to the other side.
I guess this is something that I charted for my perfection.
After 5 yrs of taking care of my mother in law I started become depressed.
I was thinking that
I used to have a life
and go places any time that I wanted.
I could go to work,
and out to eat
and on vacations.
I take care of her now.
The only thing that she is able to do on her own is breath.
I was thinking that when she passes on the other side,
I will be free again.
I could feel the depression setting in.
Then one day I woke up!
I came alive.
I was aware
I was creating this muck in which I was living.
I made everyone miserable around me.
I allowed it to happen.
I was not living in the now.
I was dwelling in the past and the future.
Eckhart tolle said in this book The New Earth,
that there was two monks ..they were going to cross the street,
there was a lady that was going to cross the street as well
but there was water on the street
and she didn’t want to walk in the water.
So one of the monks picked her up and carried her across.
When reaching the other side he put her down
she went on her way.
The monk continued walking
one monk said to the other monk that carried the lady,
I don’t think that you should of carried that woman.
We are monks
we are not allow to have contact with women.
The monk that carried the lady across the street, said:
I put that lady down after crossing the street
“so why are you still carrying her?”.
He is living in the now!
He did what he needed to do
then he came back to the now.
The present.
The other monk was dwelling in the past.
Tolle also told a story
of two ducks in the lake at the park.
He said he was sitting on a bench
when he saw the ducks in formations floating across the lake
then two ducks began to fight.
They were flapping their wings hard against the water,
quaking as loud as they could
letting each other know that they were upset. Then they separated
it seemed as they were standing on the top of the water, smacking their feet on the water and flopping their wings
QUAKING very loud.
Then they calmed themselves
Lowering back down into the water
joining in the formation
with the other ducks.
So, this is what we must learn from the ducks is that even if we have a disagreement with someone, we need to let it go
calm ourselves.
To get back to the now, the present.
When some one is complaining to us
we can be in the now and be there for them.
They will see that you are there and listening but you are not feeding into the drama or the pain body,
this will calm them.
Or maybe
You simply tell them you are here with them, listening .
They will calm,
that that ego
will let go
they will come to the present with you.
All these negatives such as: jealousy, hatred, greed, vengiousfulnes, spite with not benefit a soul. Never have I heard that these negatives were ever to do good.
They just feed that egoic mind
that causes us pain and sorrow.
So let it go
release it
be in the now.
the present within
find the true self.
This is the real journey here on earth to find self.
I am sure you have heard it through you life time. I have to find my self!
It isn’t “my” self…
it is the inner self that we must fine.
We do this by living in the Now and the present for that is where the Divine is
Once we truly find Self we will receive all the answers to our questions.
We will never have to ask anyone for we will know.

Please have a good day..
God loves you and so do I.

The healing prayer:
Feet flat on the floor and palms up to receive grace.

Dear Mother & Father God
Bless all those that need your healing today.
Cover them with a blanket of healing energy. Take away that pain and burden from them. Let them recover so that they can complete their journey here on earth. Thank you my dear God for hearing our prayer. Amen

The closing prayer;
Dear Mother & Father God
Jesus and all the other messengers came down to earth to teach us of your message.
To love one another and to love ourselves. To let us know that our loving parents awaits us on the other side. Amen

Please have a wonder week.
Remember to be in the now. For there is only the now in the present can we find our true SELF! The I AM.

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default Re: Charting & Getting into the Now

Post by CathyO on Sun Apr 06, 2008 12:06 pm

Oh Sami
I loved this sermon. I wasn't in the mood to watch the video today so I was happy to see a written sermon. Thank you so much .

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