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March 30th Sermon The Secret Book of John

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default March 30th Sermon The Secret Book of John

Post by samijo on Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:23 pm

Good morning:
My name is Sami
I am so happy to be here to share
The sermon today with you!
Lets get started!
I will open the service today with the opening prayer
Join me now with feet on the floor and palms upward so that we can receive grace.

The opening prayer:

Lords prayer
Gnostically speaking:

Our Mother & Father who are in Heaven.
Hollowed be thy names.
Thy kingdom
thy will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us our daily lesson,
so that we can perfect though our journey
Forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptations
but deliver us from darkness.

The Secret Book of John
From the Gnostic Bible

The Secret Book of John presents a mythological account of the creation, fall and salvation of the world and the people within the world, featuring “Sophia” (mother god) in the role of the wisdom of god.

One day when John went up to the temple, it happened that a Pharisee, came up to him and said to him, where is your teacher, whom you followed?
John said to him,
He has returned to the place from which he came.
The Pharisee said to him this Nazarene has deceived you badly,
filled your ears with lies,
closed your minds,
and turned you from the traditions of your parents.
When John heard this
he turned away from the temple
and went to a mountain place to be alone.
John was distressed within,
and said.
How was the savior selected?
Why was he sent into the world by his father?
Who is his father who sent him?
To what kind of eternal realm shall we go?
And what was he saying when he told us,
This eternal realm to which you will go is modeled after the incorruptible realm,

But he did not teach us what kind of realm that one is?
At the moment John was thinking about this, then the heavens opened, all creation under heaven lit up, and the world shook.
John was afraid,
he looked
and he saw within the light
a child standing by him.
As he was staring,
it seemed to be an elderly person.
Again it changed its appearance to be a youth.
Not that there were several figures before him.
there was a figure with several forms within the light. These forms appeared through each other,
and the figure had three forms.
The figure said to him,
John why are you doubting :
Why are you afraid?
Are you not familiar with this figure?
Then do not be fainthearted.
I am with you always.
I am the father,
I am the mother,
I am the child.
I am the incorruptible
and the undefiled one?
Now I have come to teach you what is,
what was,
and what is to come,
that you may understand
what is invisible
and what is visible;
and to teach you about the unshakable race of
perfect humankind.
So now,
life up your head that you may understand the things
I shall tell you today,
that you relate them to your spiritual friends
who are
from the unshakable race of perfect humankind.

John asked if He might understand this
it said to him
The one that has nothing over it.
It is god the father and mother of all,
the invisible one
that is over all,
that is incorruptible,
that is pure light
at which no eye can gaze.
The one is the invisible spirit.
We should not think of it as god or like a god.

For it is greater than a god,
because it has nothing over it
and no lord above It.
It doesn’t not exist within anything
inferior to it,
since everything exist with it alone.
It is eternal,
since it does not need anything
for it is absolutely complete.
It has never lacked anything
in order to be completed by it.
it is always absolutely complete in light.
The one is illimitable,
since there is nothing before it to limit it.
since there isn’t nothing before it to fathom it. Immeasurable,
since there was nothing before it to measure it.

And it goes on…
What had happen to John is that someone told him things to make him doubt Jesus’ message from our heavenly parents that he was sent to give us. Since Jesus was gone, others put doubts within us. Within John. What happened to John was that the became afraid.
So John went to be by himself to talk to his heavenly parents.
When he called out asking those questions, he was surprised when God came to him, as a good parent would do.
God explained things to John so that he would understand enough to realize that when he doubted himself and God it was something other that God that he had put within his mind.
It doesn’t not exist within anything
inferior to it,
since everything exist with it alone.
It is eternal,
since it does not need anything
for it is absolutely complete.
It has never lacked anything
in order to be completed by it. *

With this being said let us remember the message that was delivered by Jesus and many mystical travels after him” to love yourself ,
To love others
and Gods creation, for all is within God and God within all.
That the kingdom awaits us all on the other side.

Go outside and stand and just be aware of all that is alive within God. Look around and do not label anything just still your mind and just enjoy being.

Until the next time!

God loves you and so do I…

Leo Dragon
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