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My Life With Edgar Cayce by David E. Kahn...

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default My Life With Edgar Cayce by David E. Kahn...

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:51 pm

Okay, so when I was at the library the other day (see the Daily Living thread for that story), I did find an interesting book, My Life With Edgar Cayce by David E. Kahn (As Told To William Oursler). I've been reading it, and I have to say, it's very fascinating how Cayce's abilities worked. I'm just on chapter two, seeing as how this book was written in the seventies, and the style is so "old school" compared to books that we read today...alas...those were the days... Rolling Eyes

Anywho, there was an interesting section that I wanted to share with everyone, simply because it validated a lot of what Sylvia's said about The Other Side and Astral Projection.

Passage at the beginning of the book:

In France, Edgar Cayce had a dreamlike experience. He saw it many times, and it was essentially the same, even though it came to him with a variety of details. Sometimes the ultimate destination was a long, and shadowed hall; sometimes it was a room without windows or doors, where a figure holds the Akashic records int he great book where all things, all deeds, all thoughts, of every human being are written.

And Cayce would recall, out of his dream:
"I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness, and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness...Suddenly, I am conscious of a white beam of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost."

Or he would go another way:
"...I passed into outer darkness, so dark that it actualy hurt--yet there was a stream of light that I knew I must follow, and nothing on either side of light must detract from my purpose to receive for that other what it was seeking in the way of aid for itself."

"As I passed along the line of light I became conscious of forms of movement crowding toward the light. Coming to the next plane (if we choose to call it such), I realized that the forms of movement or figures were taking shape as humans, but rather the exaggeration of human desires. Passing a little father, these forms were gradually lost; still I had the consciousness that they were seeking the light--or more light. Then the figures gradually took form, continually coming toward the light."

"Finally, I passed through a place where individuals appeared much as they are today--men and women--but satified with their position. This number of individuals in this state of satisfaction continued to grow, and then there were homes and cities where they were content to continue as they were."

"Still following the light, which grew stronger and stronger, I heard music in the beyond. Then there came a space where all was springtime, all was a-blossom, all was summer. Some were happy, some desired to remain, but many were pressing on and on to the place where there might be greater understand, more light, more to be gained. Then I reached a place where I was seeking the records of lives of people that lived in the earth..."

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